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Help me - I need a Golf Doctor!

I have come to the conclusion that if I were a PRO then I would most definitely go mad. When you have everything riding on that putt how do you cope? When I need to two putt, or simply need to hit the fairway, why oh why on my downswing do I start to think about my dinner, the fact that the car tax needs doing and questioning whether I put a spare clean pair of socks in my bag for after my shower?  Is it any wonder that the top professionals these days pay thousands of pounds on Psychologists, Psychiatrists, basically everything starting in "Psyc"?  I have the correct grip, my stance is good, my back swing acceptable, putting straight, I have a garage full of wonderful James Bond style gadgets to help me perfect that 7 iron to the middle of the green. What I don't have is the focus. I have decided that if I sort my brain out (my wife agrees on this point) I will play better.  Now I can’t afford a top Doctor but luckily, my friends, I realised that every clubhouse in the country has its own therapy unit – yes it is the 19th hole where I laugh away my bad shots while sinking a few cold ales. But here’s the rub! Laughter (and cold ales) doesn’t make me play better. In fact I am pretty sure laughing makes me play worse, makes me lose my focus. However, I would rather be happy than mad. That’s the difference between a game and a job, no? That’s why I could never be a PRO. It would make me mad because I wouldn’t have as much fun. On that thought I am off to clear my head by hoofing a few balls out of bounds followed by a pint or two!

So my friends, don't forget to email me your thoughts on this bonkers game we all love (email me) and help me spread some happiness across the UK. Check out Ernie below showing us all that there's nothing more difficult than a 3 footer and send me any links you find online to some incredible and terrible golf shots so we can all say "That's nothing, I did that once!"

Happy golfing my friends, enjoy the sunshine when it happens and be proud of that polo shirt tan!

Best wishes Hamish McBirdy :)