Society Golf

"Leave it in!"

Thank you, oh thank you! If there is a God of Golf overlooking every stoke, divot and double bogey, then my prayers were answered – finally! I am not talking about my fantastic new Sterling irons which enable me to hit the ball 20% further, my Calloway Epic driver (nickname “The Saucepan”) that places the ball straight down the middle no matter how hard I try to slice it in half, not even my lucky Srixon ultra-soft which stops so perfectly on the green…. I am talking about being able to putt with the pin in. Why did this not happen before? Why did we have to take it out? Who said it was easier with it in? Goodness gracious me. It is quite unbelievable the effect this has had on my local club. 4 balls are faster, no faffing about walking to get the flag, placing it well out of the way of everyone’s putts, then getting it again and so on and so forth. If you want it out, take it out, if you want it in, leave it in. I would love to know how many people’s scores have improved because of this logical change in the rules. I definitely am now a few shots at least better off. One of the commentators of the Women’s British Open mentioned how Sung Hyun Park had jumped up the rankings because she could now rattle in those long putts. So thank you, thank you God of Golf…now can we talk about free drops please?

So my friends, don't forget to email me your thoughts on this bonkers game we all love (email me) and help me spread some happiness across the UK. Check out some golfers below who definitely had the God of Golf smiling down on them.

Happy golfing my friends, enjoy the sunshine when it happens and be proud of that polo shirt tan!

Best wishes Hamish McBirdy :)