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GolfBuddy’s BB5 GPS band is significantly slimmer and lighter than a watch and delivers supremely accurate yardages via a ‘tickertape-style’ LED dot display.

BB5 gives precise distances to the front, middle and back of the green on over 38,000 global golf courses. Golfers can also measure their shot distances, record the number of steps they take and tell the time.
BB5 weighs just 1.25 ounces, is water resistant to IP65 rating and has a rechargeable lithium battery giving up to 13 hours in golf mode. It comes supplied with two sizes of band S/M and L/Xl.

It’s very slim and light when compared to GPS watches, so appeals to golfers who don’t currently like to wear a watch when they play, or lady and junior golfers looking for a lighter or more comfortable GPS option.
BB5 was designed by GolfBuddy as fitness bands such as Fitbit, Bowflex and Razer – which help users track aspects of their life such as exercise, diet and heart-rate – have helped the ‘wearable tech’ sector of consumer electronics reach record sales levels.

It means GolfBuddy is the only Distance Measuring Device (DMD) brand which offers products to suit all golfers, however they want to receive distance information – laser rangefinder (LR5), GPS handheld devices (PT4), GPS watches (WT5, LD2), compact audio GPS (CT2), audio GPS (Voice2) and wearable tech GPS (BB5).
GolfBuddy is also the only company that focuses 100% on golf, maps courses on foot for added accuracy and provides completely fee-free access to its extensive worldwide database of courses. Unlike some other brands, premium features like Dynamic Green View, distances to targets, hazards and round stats analysis are also completely feefree, forever, with all products.

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Each putter is hand-built in the UK on a made to order basis!

The lucky winners will be able to choose the putter they would like to have, select the shaft length and preferred grip. There is a fantastic choice of grip - Wave Grip, ST1 or MP1. Visit to see which would suit your style the best!

All S-Blade putters feature the revolutionary UK-designed Spherical Blade Curved Face Roll Technology whereby subtle curves along the face in North-South and East-west directions, give the face a gentle convex shape. This creates incredible roll, reducing the skid and bobble associated with most other putters. More weight in the putter head means you have to do less work to get the rolling and in the hole.

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Improve your handicap with the help of Sterling!

Wishon Golf’s new Sterling Single Length Irons, are set to kickstart a revolution in the equipment market.

Sterling Irons are a major departure from traditional irons in that they feature a single-length shaft construction. This identical set up ensures all possible elements of swing feel are identical for each and every club – same MOI, same total weight, same headweight, same balance point – to offer the chance for improved shot consistency.

By offering the exact same length and lie, golfers can adopt the same stance, the same posture, and the same swing plane for every iron in the bag, thus further enhancing consistency. This concept has been put into practice in impressive fashion by PGA Tour rookie Bryson DeChambeau, who has been using a set of irons that have all been fitted with identical 371/2-inch shafts.

Traditionally, iron lengths change by about half an inch from one club to the next, ranging from just under 36 inches in the wedges, to about 39 inches or longer in the long irons. Head weights of the individual clubs also progressively increase, varying by as much as 60g from the heavier short irons to the lighter long irons.

And while other single-length sets lose too much distance with the lower lofted clubs, and generate too much distance with the more lofted irons and wedges, Sterling Irons deliver precise and consistent distance gaps throughout the bag.

Wishon Golf has achieved this by using high spring-like faces made from high strength steel in the 5-hybrid, 5, 6 and 7 irons with four-degree loft increments, while the faces in the 8, 9, PW, GW and SW are made from conventional cast carbon steel and feature five-degree loft increments. (See table below). This unique design ensures consistent yardage gaps throughout the entire set.

“The benefit is greater shot consistency, better performance, and more on-centre hit consistency, and especially better performance and consistency with your low loft clubs,” said Tom Wishon, founder of Wishon Golf.

“What we’ve done in the low-loft clubs is create a high-COR [spring-like effect] design to give you back some of the distance you might have lost. In the high loft clubs, we have soft cast carbon steel.”

Wishon Golf offers a complete custom fitting service, the heads can be fitted to iron shafts and flexes that meet the swing speed, transition/tempo and release point of an individual golfer.

And while DeChambeau’s irons feature 371/2-inch shafts, Sterling Single Length clubs can be built to 361/2, 363/4 or 37-inch lengths to suit a golfer’s individual preferences. The shorter club length options also ensure that the higher lofted clubs don’t generate too much distance.

As well as being suitable for low handicappers and professionals, the Sterling Single Length Irons are also ideal for beginners, as the consistent weight and shaft lengths enable the new golfer to maintain the same stance and same ball position for every iron in the bag, allowing them to concentrate on making the same swing, rather than having to make tiny adjustments for each club.

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New Oversized Grip from G-RIP

Innovative grip company G-Rip have launched the latest in their line of seamless putter grips. The new G-RIP MP-1 offers the traditional style of a pistol grip combined with the current trend for oversized designs, resulting in a grip that sits comfortably in the hands, without losing any of the feel and precision offered by a pistol grip.

Weighing 59g, the G-RIP MP-1 features a seamless polyurethane textured surface, which provides a tacky feel to enhance grip, especially in wet or damp conditions, while the base rubber compound contains shock-dampening properties to reduce vibration through the hands at impact, enabling high levels of feedback.

Paul Steels, MD and owner commented, ”We understand that putting is all about feel and control, a putter grip should be light so as not to create tension in the muscles of the foreams, while feeling comfortable in the hands.

A light grip on the putter and therefore lower pressure on the grip enhances feel and control, and helps provide a smooth stroke, leading to better distance control, improved consistency, and more holed putts.

The new G-RIP MP1 putter grip combine G-RIP’s innovative technology and use of high-performance materials to help golfers of all abilities get more feel into their short game and help lower their scores”.

A number of the products in the G-RIP range are manufactured using a patented seamless composite technology, which sees the fusing of a polymer layer directly onto the under-listing, which prevents the grip from twisting, enhancing its durability, and stopping them from feeling too spongy or slippery – a common side effect of many oversized grips.

The G-RIP MP1 putter grip is available in a choice of bright two-tone colours: Black/Red; Black/Blue; Black/Orange; Black/Lime Green.

The G-RIP MP1 goes on sale from mid-July, with an RRP of £14.95. To find your nearest stockist and to see the full range visit

SkyTrak now available with 0% finance deal

It already connects wirelessly to your PC or tablet, and now the award-winning SkyTrak also connects seamlessly to your bank account, with the announcement of a new 0% interest-free finance deal.

At just £1,795 SkyTrak is already relatively inexpensive compared to its rivals after effectively inventing a new golf product category – pro-quality personal launch monitors and golf simulators at consumer prices.

Golfers can now buy SkyTrak for just over £200 down after passing a credit check, followed by 12 months of low-cost monthly payments.

“With SkyTrak we have shown how buying an accurate golf launch monitor needn’t cost you as much as a new car!” said James Holmes, UK and European Sales Manager at SkyCaddie.

“Now, with this new finance deal, we’ve made it even easier to invest in a SkyTrak for yourself, which means playing real golf in controlled conditions, and seeing the benefit in your handicap.

“With the assistance of their PGA pro, golfers will see their handicap tumble when they put SkyTrak through its paces” continued Holmes. “Work on your game, or use SkyTrak to test your next set of golf clubs, or just use it for entertainment. With a host of golf simulator add-ons now available, you can use your SkyTrak to play over 90,000 golf courses!

"SkyTrak is perfect at a golf club if it wants to organise sociable indoor golf events at any time of year - especially through the autumn/winter when the nights draw in, or in rainy periods. SkyTrak’s 'Nearest The Pin' contests are proving especially popular, for example - everybody understands how those work, they encourage audience participation, and offer instant gratification.

"Why not invite your friends around to your house to play full-on simulator golf with SkyTrak? All you need in addition are a hitting mat and a practice net.."

SkyTrak is a joint venture between the Ridgeland, Mississippi-based SkyGolf (also known for SkyCaddie GPS and the SkyPro personal golf swing analyser), and North Carolina-based SportTrak, a company which provides entertaining digital technology solutions to avid sports enthusiasts.

“SkyTrak gives golfers world-class technical quality, a powerful set of game-improvement tools, and an astonishing golf entertainment system in an all-in-one package, at a fraction of the price you previously expected to pay” said Holmes. “Our new 0% finance deal should mean that many more golfers will find they can now afford to buy a SkyTrak for themselves, thus equipping themselves with a highly advanced and accurate launch monitor and golf simulator with access to the world's best, most spectacular and most playable golf course software.”

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Now it's good to be a Loudmouth!

So we were lucky enough to try out a pair of union jack trousers from the masters of making a statement on the fairway - Loudmouth. Not only were we impressed with the quality of the material, we were also very comfortable during our summer soaked 18 holes. If you like to play your golf with a smile on your face then surely this is the only way to go. You may receive some odd looks here and there, some of the designs are more daring than others, but then again that's all part of the fun. Check out their website for all their gear for both men and women >>